IT Consulting Trends in 2022 - Where WE should FOCUS

What are the trends in IT consulting business? How should consultants brace up to meet them?

We all have concerns about the future. For those who are in the IT domains, it is about the opportunities IT consulting give in 2022. To understand this more clearly, we need to check what is the requirement for this year and beyond. Let us analyse the same.

Factors like digitization, data analytics, Blockchain, 5G, AI, will decide the IT consulting business this year.

The pandemic has taught us the importance of data analytics as more people were forced to shift to digital means. Firms cannot avoid digital consulting as the pandemic is far from over. As firms need better financial performance, more customer acquisition, enhanced customer experience, efficiency in productivity, they need to identify trends and extract insights with analytics. Hence a requirement for data analytics this year.

Although industrialized countries like South Korea, China, the US, the UK, Sweden, have embraced 5G technology. Commercial 5G technology is available in 61 countries. But still, countries that have manufacturing hubs of advanced economies don't have 5G technology. As 5G going to be the lifeline for businesses, especially the e-commerce specific technologies like cloud computing, MIMO, SDN, CR, IoT fields will have huge requirements in 2022.

As fraudulent transactions, financial fraud is on the rise, there is a requirement for verification and traceability of multistep transactions. Blockchain acts as a digital ledger, recording transactions with encryption with no chance for modification. It offers security to banking and commerce. Therefore, roles like Blockchain Hyperledger, Blockchain developer, Full stack Blockchain Developer will have huge demand this year.

Finally, organizations need digital consulting to build and integrate digital technologies like computing, communication and content. Keep in mind digitization in all your walks of life this year also. IT consulting firms should gird up their loins to take advantage of the latest trends and derive maximum mileage.

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